Qing Dynasty


The Qing Dynasty would be the last imperial dynasty of China, and would become the largest and most powerful in China’s history. It formed after the

revolution in Ming China, which resulted in the overthrow the Ming family with the Qing on the 15th of May, 1636. Resistance to the new dynasty was widespread by the turn of the 18th century. However under Kangxi the empire greatly grew and became the most powerful nation in the world for a time and even became the sole unified power in Asia. However, as time progressed it showed a fatal error in it’s design as a dynasty. As the European powers rapidly surpassed the Qing in wealth and power the dynasty became weak in comparison. The British Empire saw this as an opportunity and launched an opium campaign to force the Qing to reopen ports to the Europeans and allow Britain to have huge trade to the


region. During the mid 19th century the British destroyed the Qing in two opium wars.  Hong Kong is then ceded to the the British Empire and China is now a puppet state of England. The Boxer Rebellion further weakened China and therefore would end up collapsing the dynasty. A republicanism movement sparked in the early 1900’s and Japanese imperialism in the area led the Qing dynasty to collapse in 1912 and form the Republic of China.The empire was briefly reinstated in 1917 but then collapsed once again. The Qing was a long lived and most powerful dynasty in China’s history, it however was the last.

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