UK Facts

The United Kingdom runs under a unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy, while the head of state being Queen Elizabeth II.
They have a total nominal GDP of $2.434 trillion, with a per capita GDP of $38,591. Their total nominal GDP is the 6th highest in the world, and the 3rd largest economy in Europe.
The United Kingdom is also the 8th largest economy in terms of purchasing power parity, and they contribute greatly to the world’s economy.
Automobiles comprise a large part of the nation’s GDP, generating around 26.6 billion pounds of revenue each year.
Agriculture is also a large part of the nation’s economy. They grow over 60% of their own foods, and therefore keep their food imports low. The United Kingdom also has a large amount of natural resources. Their lands are rich in iron, limestone, clay, gypsum, lead and coal.
The last Ice Age shaped the geography of the United Kingdom. Today, most of the nation is covered in steep mountains and low valleys.
Scotland is home to many small lochs, or narrow streams of water. Legend has it that a giant monster named Nessie can be found in Loch Ness in Scotland.
The sports soccer, rugby, golf, boxing, and cricket were all invented in the United Kingdom.
The author of the Harry Potter series, J.K. Rowling is from the United Kingdom.
England is the largest country in the United Kingdom.

The Summer Olympics were held in England three times

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