Historical superpowers

The Old World Order

British Empire

The largest empire to ever exist, this nation ruled the world unquestionably. From Canada to India to Australia her navy ruled the waves.

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Unites States of America

The current world superpower and major player in the cold war. Historically a definer of democracy and the freedom of speech.

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Roman Empire

This was the first true super power and a founder of most of Europe. This nation was the center of the Latin language and christian religion. It was the center of the world at one point.

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Today a major power and a rising superpower in the 21 first century. The historical superpower of all time. Ruling Asia easily due to its massive size and plethora of people.

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We are all here together to learn and create for the future

There are 195 sovereign states world wide and they all exist next to and around each other. Nature's oceans and her mountains have guided and protected humans for thousands of years. The future is full of endless possibilities and with the help of world organizations the planet can keep moving forward. Protect the knowledge of the past to keep it for the future. 100 years ago we thought we were fighting the war to end all wars but instead it had just begun. "Limitless possibility for our future" Empress Victoria

World Order

These are the current great powers of the world.

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